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Cleanse Day 11
I really needed to get some good snacks lined up to make sure I was able to keep eating throughout the day.  While teaching, it is really important for me to have something to munch on between classes.  Last night, I began playing around with almonds in the food processor and came up with a real winner.  Almond butter is a great treat and easy to just grab and go but the store-bought kinds are really tasteless and expensive, in my opinion.  My recipe is sugar free but delicious and innovative.  I started by taking almonds and put them in the processor raw and just ground them up until they were close to a grainy flour consistency.  Next, I melted some virgin coconut oil and added just enough to the processor to get a creamy consistency like peanut butter and it worked fabulously!  For some crazy reason, I had half a lime sitting on the counter from earlier so I decided to squeeze some fresh lime into it (I know it sounds weird but it tastes unbelievable).  A few drops of stevia and that’s all you need.  This will be a staple snack for me…..Mary’s Gone Crackers and Lime Almond Butter!

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