Cleanse Time!

Cleanse Day 16
Well this may be the last day!  This cleanse always helps me in several ways.  One of the main benefits is the decrease in any kind of inflammation in my joints.  During this freezing cold weather and because of my running and P90X workouts, I usually suffer from some stiffness in my hips and ankles.   All of that inflammation is completely gone and I am feeling very flexible!  This makes my yoga classes so much more enjoyable!  Another benefit is that dry cough I mentioned in my previous post.  Dairy is really horrible for me, especially in large quantities.  It causes me to sniffle and have a constant post nasal drip which then evolves into an annoying dry cough.  The cough is also completely gone.  I think I will continue to limit dairy but begin incorporating some almond milk and maybe a small amount of cheese.  Finally, the best part of this cleanse is the boost in my immune system and decrease in yeast!  I am somewhat prone to yeast infections and this really helps me get back to square one.  Now I will be able to have sweets here and there and some carbs without worrying that a yeast infection will sprout up!    Today is the last day of the month and it is Friday night so maybe a glass of red wine to toast the end of the cleanse!

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