“Wow, these are some really great recipe ideas, Liz.  It is so much easier to stick to a special program like this when you give me ideas I can really use!  I am already feeling more energetic and I’ve lost ten pounds so far and I haven’t even felt that hungry like I normally would on a regular “diet.”  Scott N.

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance.  I really wasn’t sure what was wrong with me or why my energy level was so low, but you really seemed to know what foods might make a difference for me.  I am now trying to get pregnant and I have to believe that all of this will help me in that area as well.   Thank you!”  Nancy R.

“I can’t describe the difference I am feeling in just a couple of weeks.  Already the bloating is gone and I feel more energetic and I am noticing that the pain in my hip is decreasing significantly.  You were right about how changing some of the foods I eat would make a huge difference.”  Kristina K.